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Best Of The Best plc who operate the competition have provided their members with the unique opportunity to win their dream car which is pretty much bound to be found in their huge 150 car selection.

Every week a new winner is surprised by a member of the BOTB team and the videos are updated to show each new winner every week.

With approx 5 tickets costing less than a cup of coffee it's no wonder why people play from ALL Over The World

The cars come with a cash alternative, however 1 years FREE Insurance is also provided !


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Latest Winner


Winner 460 - Lloyd Greeves

Hereford, UK

Previous Winners


Winner 459 - Prash Thurairatnam

Epsom, UK

Nissan GT R Recaro + £20k

Winner 458 - Derek Hastie

Fife, UK

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How To Play

Playing the Best Of The Best Spot The Ball competition is simple.
First you select tickets for your desired prize, then after purchasing you are presented with the opportunity to click on the spot where you think the center of the ball is.

How Is The Winner Decided ?

At the end of the competition, the same 'Spot the Ball' picture you used to choose your coordinates is shown to a judging panel comprised of professional sporting experts. In the presence of an independent lawyer they mark where they think, in their professional opinion, the centre of the ball should be. The winner is simply the person who is closest to the judged position.

What Happens If More Than One Person Is Equidistant To The Judges Position ?

There can only be one winner. If a case arises where two or more players are equally close to the judges position in a competition, the winner will be determined by calculating the next closest entry of the players in question. The person with the closest second ticket is the outright winner. If any player in this scenario has only one ticket, all players that qualify will play in another Spot the Ball competition online to determine the outright winner. All other players in this scenario will receive £500 in cash and £500 in Dream Car Credit if playing the Dream Car Competition, and £200 in cash and £200 in Dream Car Credit if playing the Lifestyle Competition. Be sure to read the full terms and conditions .

What's Spot The Ball & Why Do You Use It ?

We are legally obliged to use a game of skill to determine the winner of our competitions - not a lottery or raffle. We use 'Spot the Ball' as it's widely recognised, fun and an easy way to enter. You will be shown a photograph that does not contain a ball. You must use your skill and judgement to decide where you think the centre of the ball should be. Your chosen points will be recorded as (x,y) coordinates.

When Does The Competition Finish & When Are The Results Announced ?

There's a Dream Car winner every week. Competitions run from midnight until midnight (UK time*), Monday to Sunday, 52 weeks a year. Judging takes place on a Monday morning and the winner will usually be surprised in person by BOTB on Tuesday or Wednesday. Results will be announced to all entrants once the winner has been notified. Competition results will be posted on our website and you will also receive notification via email. You can log in to your Account to check the results, see how close you were and to see if you have earned any rewards in the form of Dream Car Credit. * GMT / BST; UTC / UTC+1

Why Don't You Use The Balls Original Position To Judge The Winner ?

The basis of the game must categorically be the skill of an entrant versus the skill of professionals - not versus the chance that the original spot on the football picture is picked. It is a subtle but important legal definition by which we are bound to operate. The panel of judges is formed of experienced professionals on a rotating basis, including both referees and players, who each offer their best opinion. Using a panel of judges ensures that nobody can ever know the original position of the ball - resulting in a process that is fair, transparent, audited and honest.

How To Play Video

Who Are BOTB ?

BOTB (Best of the Best plc) has been running competitions since 1999 and has given away over £25 million of prizes so far. Every week there are guaranteed Dream Car and Lifestyle Competition winners. BOTB are a UK-based company, listed on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange and are therefore required to adhere to the highest legal and audit standards. Across their Head Office and Airport sites they currently employ approximately 30 staff.
You can see who works there, as well as information about who is on the Board of Directors and details of their financial advisers in the About section.